Fancy taking a drip in the English Channel?

Going for a dip in the English Channel doesn’t always sound very appealing but Charlotte Harding meets a woman who swims in it every day.

Sussex Food and Drinks Awards 2015 at the AMEX.

Meet the women behind the Sussex Food and Drink Awards

Ahead of the Sussex Food & Drink Awards banquet Charlotte Harding talks to the two women behind the event which has put local produce firmly on the map.


17 super foods for 2017

If you can’t stomach discarded bits of meat or even an insect sandwich then you might want to avoid these latest foodie trends.

Eastbourne fishermen off Beachy Head

NOSTALGIA: Book sifts fantasy from fact in Sussex folklore

Once upon a time there lived a dragon in a deep, dark pool that terrorised the local community until it was killed by a brave farm lad armed only with a poisoned pudding!

Staff at work on the Arctic roll production line

NOSTALGIA: Fond memories of Birds Eye in Eastbourne

I now live in Gloucester and I work in the Walls Ice cream factory, writes former Birds Eye employee John Clarke.

History of holidays

VIDEO: The ancestry of holidays

With an average person spending 17 per cent of their disposable income on holidays, it is worth dedicating a short ancestry to the art of holidaying.

Sussex couples wanted for 2017 series of Don’t Tell the Bride

Sussex couples wanted for 2017 series of Don’t Tell the Bride

Sussex couples wanting to tie the knot this year are being invited to apply for a new series of Don’t Tell the Bride.

Pictures: Nima Elm

The Lewes label the Kardashians’ love

When you think of fashion brands worn by Kim Kardashian you probably don’t associate any of them with Lewes, but one has caught the reality star’s eye as Charlotte Harding reveals.


Scott of the Antarctic

Charlotte Harding talks to a man on a mission to the South Pole.

Smugglers offload their goods on the beach

‘Seaford Shags’ swoop on wrecked cargo ship

One cold and wintry December evening in 1815 a copper-bottomed ship called ‘The Adamant’ sank in Seaford Bay, writes Kevin Gordon. The ship (which had previously been a gun-boat called the ‘Thrasher’ ) was sailing from Malta to London with a full cargo of wine, almonds, oil, quicksilver (mercury), Turkish carpets, books, linen, cumin seeds, feathers, skins, gall-nuts (used for medicine), lace, opium and sulphur.

St Andrew's Church, with its Saxon origins, is one of the oldest in England

NOSTALGIA: Fascinating look at Bishopstone’s ancient church

When you stand on The Egg (the village green) at Bishopstone and look towards the ancient soaring square church tower with its medieval ‘grotesques’ carved around the top, writes Kevin Gordon, you are standing in the centre of an Anglo-Saxon Minster which itself had a tower, albeit wooden.

Crowhurst Park today. Picture: Google Maps

NOSTALGIA: Chilling tale of a haunted painting

Have you got an old painting hung on the wall? One of those where the eyes seem to follow you round the room?

Meat free breakfast

Try going vegan this January

An Uckfield woman talks to Charlotte Harding about adopting a vegan diet.

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Our look at the top five most anticipated games of 2017

Console Corner: Top 10 games for 2017: Part 2

Part two of our look at the top 10 most anticipated games of 2017 as we count down to number one.

The intriguing postcard

NOSTALGIA: Happy on their Crowlink holiday in the 1930s

I thought your readers would be interested in one of the latest acquisitions of the East Dean and Friston Local History Group archives.

Dubais new �2.8bn mega-theme park officially opens

TRAVEL: Dubai’s new £2.8bn mega-theme park officially opens

Dubai has just become home to the largest theme park destination in the Middle East, as Dubai Parks and Resorts officially opens for business.

Take back your life with a technology cleanse. Photo: Shutterstock

Take back your life with a technology cleanse

Social etiquette once stated no phones at the dinner table, now we’re documenting every meal. Bedtime was once for sleeping, now we’re wide awake with the glare of our smart-phone screens. Brits are in a serious, long term relationship with technology.

British singer Tom Chaplin on Beachy Head road, East Sussex, England Derek Hudson

Former Keane frontman Tom Chaplin on his new sound

Charlotte Pearson catches up with the former Keane frontman about his new sound.

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These handy hints will help even the most experienced of Christmas dinner cooks (Photo: Shutterstock)

How to cook the ultimate Christmas dinner

Whether it’s your first time hosting the Christmas family feast or you’re an experienced cook, these top tips from professional chefs will help you prepare for the big day.

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The first Christmas in 'The War To End All Wars'

NOSTALGIA: Letters from The Front on a frosty Christmas morning

The Christmas truce of 1914 has become the stuff of legend. The image of soldiers from both sides leaving their trenches for an impromptu kick-about and carol concert belongs in the pages of a fairy tale, not on the bloodiest battlefield of the First World War.

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