Eastbourne fighter to make bareknuckle boxing debut live on Sky

A bareknuckle ‘underdog’ boxer from Eastbourne is confident of winning in his professional debut live on Sky.

Tuesday, 28th January 2020, 4:01 pm
Bachir Fakhouri will fight Paul Hilz on January 25

Bachir Fakhouri has quit cage fighting to compete in a lucrative bareknuckle tournament that will be screened live on Sky in 28 countries.

‘Prizefighter’ gets underway at London’s O2 Indigo on Saturday, January 25 – and the winner of three fights claims a £10,000 prize and a shot at the world featherweight championship.

The fight was due to take place on September 14 but Fakhouri said there was a disagreement at the weigh in and a brawl broke out, leading the fight to be cancelled.

The initial fight was cancelled after a brawl at the weigh in

The 38-year-old said, “Even though I am the underdog, make no mistake I am there to fight, I am not going there to lose.

“As everyone knows, I can’t box but I can fight. I am representing Eastbourne and I’m the first ever professional boxer from this area to fight on such a large platform.”

Mr Fakhouri will be fighting Paul Hilz, who has had three professional bareknuckle fights and won all three, according to Fakhouri.

“We are both known as heavy handed so this fight isn’t expected to go past the first round. One of us will be knocked out. I am training twice a day for Paul, so let’s see who wins on the night,” said Fakhouri.

The fight will last for three rounds with no gloves or any protection over the knuckles or hands.

Fakhouri said his background is in K1 kick-boxing and he has a reputation for finishing fights early.

He said, “It’s a clash of styles. We are both professional fighters, but in different fighting sports. We will see who is going to win in a bareknuckle fight.”