Business would be blot on landscape

It’s good that people power appears to have won the day yet again and the tyre fitting business planning to open in a corner of Langney Shopping Centre‘s car park opposite has been stopped in its tracks for the time being. I think a lot of people thought it was a given it would
 get the green light to go ahead, 
particularly as planning officers had recommended it be approved. 
Sadly, the victory for the residents may only be a temporary one as someone very in favour of the application was overheard saying an appeal would be pending and rather unkindly added that the NIMBYs wouldn’t win. It struck me as a very ungentlemanly thing to say out loud in public. There may be a slight bit of NIMBYism about it but who can blame the residents for not wanting the noise. 
At the centre of the battle is basically whether what many regard as an industrial business be allowed within the car park. It may well have been pointed out to the residents that the stretch between Fern Close and the shopping centre car park isn’t a tranquil park or nature reserve or an area of outstanding natural beauty.
 But I have seen the plans and artist’s impressions for the redevelopment of the centre and think the business would be something of a boil on the bottom, a 
blot on the landscape. Hopefully the applicants and their supporters will go find somebody else’s back yard to put their business in.

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