To judge a stay in Eastbourne on one place is very narrow minded

From: Jane SchulzeWilmington Square, 

Thursday, 9th January 2020, 4:00 pm

My friend and I both saw the letter (from Rita Bradley, Sheffield) entitled ‘Well, we won’t be coming back’ click here to read and were extremely upset that Ms Bradley could write in such a negative vein a) about our new beautifully designed Bistrot Pierre and b) that her stay in Eastbourne was marred by her seemingly negative experience in just one of our huge selection of tearooms etc.

To judge her stay in Eastbourne on one place is very narrow-minded.

I would like Ms Bradley to visit again and I would offer to be her guide and take her along our attractive new ‘shared’ precinct and into the Beacon centre.

I would walk her along our stunning seafront and have coffee on the decking area overlooking our lovely pier and maybe take her along the pier and have a cuppa at the Victorian tea-room – none of these pleasurable pastimes would have to cost the earth.

If Ms Bradley just wants her cup of tea and a plate of egg and chips there is plenty of choice for this around town. If walking is a problem then I would hire a wheelchair for her from our friendly team at the mobility office behind M & S and push her along to our delightful Holywell Tea Gardens – if Ms Bradley comes in the summer months then she can travel on the Dotto train to the harbour or Holywell.

So Ms Bradley do visit us again and many of us who love our town would help you to have a great holiday.