Eastbourne Eagles business to close - but will speedway live on at Arlington?

Eastbourne Eagles Ltd will be closed down when its debts have been paid – and hopes of speedway continuing at Arlington next year and beyond rest with the site’s owners.

Friday, 3rd September 2021, 7:45 am
Eastbourne Eagles in action at Arlington earlier in the season - too few people attended fixtures to help keep the operation going / Picture: Mike Hinves

That much has been confirmed by Eastbourne Eagles Ltd director Ian Jordan days after severe cashflow problems forced them to write off the rest of their 2021 season.

Asked whether it was the intention to close Eastbourne Eagles Ltd when it was debt-free, Jordan said: “Yes, once everything is paid, everyone is satisfied and all is sorted we will follow the due legal process to close the Company and do a full audit and accounts.”

This will come as a huge blow to fans though the fact is too few were attending fixtures thi season to allow the club to break even.

Asked whether there was any hope for speedway to continue at Arlington, Jordan said: “That’s outside of our jurisdiction and totally up to the stadium owners initially.

“The BSPL / SCB would then need to approve any new company and promotion.

“We have suggested to potential investors that they may wish to see starting afresh in 2022 as preferable to shoring us up in 2021.

“Anything we can do to leave behind what assets we may have in terms of even a small bit of equipment and also maintaining and paying for some level of web and social media presence, we’ll gladly do.

“There are moves within the Sport to focus on costs, wages and the product and nothing would please me more than to see Eastbourne take to the track in 2022 and for many years to come.”

See this website and the Sussex Express and Eastbourne Herald next week for part one of a full Q&A with Ian Jordan.