Eastbourne Borough name new management team

Eastbourne Borough Football Club are delighted to announce the appointment of a new management team.

Sunday, 3rd November 2019, 12:54 pm
Sergio Torres

Sergio Torres, who has been interim player-manager in recent weeks, becomes player/assistant manager. Scott Chalmers-Stevens takes the role of first-team coach. And joining them, as first team manager, is Danny Bloor.

Sergio’s contribution to the Sports, as to every other club he has represented, is already immense. Many supporters and observers have had him in the frame for the manager or player-manager post, but that is not his wish at present. “I’m 38 now, and I aim to keep playing till I’m 40,” Torres told the club on the Sports’ YouTube channel – search Eastbourne Borough Official for the full interview - “and manager is a different role. Just in these couple of weeks I’ve suddenly been analysing opposition, thinking about selection and tactics – and I love those aspects but they are still new to me. It will be great to keep playing while I work alongside somebody else.”

That somebody is Danny Bloor. Already well known at the Lane, Danny has worked with Garry and Nick during the Conference Premier glory years, and more recently with Jamie Howell. He is widely connected across Sussex and beyond, and he brings to us a knowledge of the game, terrific skills in organisation and in man-management, and a football lifetime of experience and wisdom.

Scott was originally engaged by the Club as goalkeeping coach, but his experience and qualifications in coaching are much wider. He has readily stepped up to the role and is a very visible presence on match days on the touchline. He enjoys the confidence and respect of all the playing squad. We are delighted that Scott has agreed to widen his role at the Lane.

Confirming the news today, football chairman John Bonar said: “We are very pleased indeed with these appointments. We interviewed other strong candidates but we are more than confident in our decision. What’s particularly important is that we have a management team, and not just a single manager. Sergio, Danny and Scott each bring different qualities, and they will work together and draw on each other’s strengths. All three of them are itching to get to work.”

“As a club we have just endured some traumatic days – not quite an earthquake but certainly an earth tremor – but the response to the situation, and the way forward, are all about everyone pulling together. That’s exactly what we will get from Danny, Scott and Sergio. Three Wise Men? Well, it’s not long till Christmas so if they are bearing the gift of some league victories and a Trophy run, that will do nicely…!”

“The brief on the pitch is to keep us in National South, and we are convinced we can do that with quite a bit to spare. The wider brief is to re-establish the bond with supporters and get the smiles back!”