We don’t accept pay at this parish council


From: Cllr John Pritchett BEM

Chairman of Willingdon

Residents Association
Oldfield Road, Lower


In the debate about unitary authorities, Mrs J Luce (Herald, August 24) is right to remind readers of Willingdon and Jevington Parish Council.

Although none in Eastbourne, there are parish councils throughout East Sussex and they would remain even if county and district councils were abolished in favour of unitary authorities.

Parish councils are the first tier of local government and provide valuable services to their residents and increasingly provide some services withdrawn by the county and district councils.

For instance, in Willingdon, the parish council now provides public toilets and is currently facilitating the opening of a new community library.

The number of Willingdon and Jevington councillors is irrelevant in terms of costs to residents as the majority of councillors for over the last decade who represent Willingdon Residents Association – which is independent of all political parties – has repeatedly refused to accept any pay despite the ever increasing workload.

This is quite unlike county and district councillors who continually vote to accept and increase their own remuneration despite the reduction in services provided.