Thanks to all who helped with Eastbourne Live charity night


From: Don and Abby McPhee

Hankham Hall Road

Through your newspaper, I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved with our special charity night ‘Eastbourne Live’ on November 3.

We were raising money for two local children, 17 year old Tilly Parrot who has Moebius syndrome and eight-year-old Alfie Bennet who has childhood cerebral adrenoleukodystrophy.

We would like to thank Heidi and the team at Bibendum for the use of their lovely venue and our sound technician John Webb for all his help. Thank you to all the talented acts who performed on the night.

Wanda, Sam Tier, Jane Jenkinson, Phillip Robbins, The Moonbeans, Hollie Poole with Peter Martin, Chris Chappell, impressionist Drew Cameron, the lovely Jade Powers as Tina Turner and Eastbourne’s very own finest talent, the charming Steve Hewlett.

We would also like to thank local businesses BM Hepburn’s Ltd, Call a cab and Madeira for sponsoring the event.

Thank you to Bloom factory and Janet’s Flowers for their generous contribution, as well as other local businesses including Sussex Cars who generously gave some lovely raffle prizes.

Thank you to Eastbourne deputy mayor Kathy Ballard and to local MP Stephen Lloyd who has given us so much support.

Finally, thank you to everyone at the Herald newspaper who continue to support our events.

It was an amazing night, raising over £1,400!