No wardens to enforce laws


From: Alan Cooper

Bakers Farm Park, Upper Horsebridge, Hailsham

In Hailsham there is no police or wardens to make sure there is no illegal parking.

Double yellow lines, disabled, loading only, parking on the pavement and on zig zag lines, are all illegal but if you do not have organised wardens or the police making a regular visit then to just ask people – as councillors are – to obey the laws is a farce. They see space and drive into it. It matters little to them as they know there is no one to catch them and book them for breaking the law. Another one is parking on bus stops and in bus lanes. The new Co-op Store in Upper Horsebridge has a bus stop right outside and most days people are parked on it. Unless you have supervision in any high street illegal parking will be rife.