I’n sure Eastbourne MP will keep promise on Brexit


From: Eleanor Dudley

Trinity Trees

I am sure that Stephen Lloyd MP will honour his pledge – not vote in favour of a people’s vote which in fact is a second referendum and will vote for the final deal that is brought back to Parliament.

The vote has not yet been taken in Parliament so it’s too early to say he has kept his word.

However, by voting to stay in the customs union that would have tied us to the EU and all the things we voted against that was not in spirit of his pledge.

We will wait and see if Stephen votes against another vote and to accept the deal or abstains which would be breaking his pledge.

Quite a few northern MPs have voted against party policy in support of their constituents including Mr Frank Fields who resigned his whip and now stands as an independent.

I am sure that a lot more MPs will resign their whip when the votes do take place in Parliament.