Eastbourne residents outraged after ‘nightmare’ puddle surrounds flats

Residents are upset after a huge puddle surrounded their block of flats in Eastbourne.

Monday, 28th October 2019, 2:34 pm
The puddle in question has been described as a lake

Rosedale Place, in Willingdon Gardens, residents David Wolstenholme and Guy King are demanding action to be taken by housing association, Places For People, which maintains the property’s upkeep.

Seventy-five-year-old David said, “It’s almost like a lake out there. It is most certainly affecting everyone in the building.”

He said he has been fighting causes for years.

He said, “The problem in this country is there’s many people talking about things but they don’t do anything. I write letters, make phone calls but never use violence, it gets you nowhere.”

Guy said, “It is a bloody nightmare. The pipes are blocked and the water can’t escape. It’s been on and off like this for four or five years now. The housing association has been told about it but they just do not care.

“They had the area to get pumped dry but that is not a fix. They are just not interested and are giving us the run around. I’ve been putting plastic bags on my shoes.”

A spokesperson for Places For People said, “We have been to assess the site on Wednesday (October 23) and are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.”