Traffic light plan for busy Eastbourne road following child’s death

Residents are being asked their thoughts about new traffic measures in a busy Eastbourne road after a child died in a collision there.

Tuesday, 5th March 2019, 11:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 5th March 2019, 12:05 pm
Candy Vaughn and councillor Alan Shuttleworth in Friday Street, Eastbourne

A consultation is being held on whether to install a traffic light crossing in Friday Street, Langney, at the point where Oak Tree Lane and Shinewater Lane emerge.

Five-year-old Andrea Gada sadly died there after a collision in December 2014.

This comes after a long process which has taken four years to get to the consultation stage.

Langney County Councillor Alan Shuttleworth has been fighting for the crossing. He said, “It has been a challenging campaign but we have reached the final hurdle. The last stage is a consultation with key stakeholders and groups in the area.

“I wrote to residents and community groups to urge that they respond to the consultation and impress the importance of a traffic light crossing at this point on Friday Street where traffic travels fast and it would be so much safer for pedestrians and cyclists with a Toucan crossing.”

Chair of Langney Area Panel, Candy Vaughan, said, “Many local people need to cross Friday Street around this point, and the road is very busy, with traffic travelling very fast. A traffic light crossing will enable people to wait for the traffic to stop before attempting to cross.

“I know this will be much appreciated by people of all ages who need to cross from the housing developments to the east of Friday Street to reach the community facilities on the west. Many vulnerable groups are pedestrians, and do not have personal transport.”

After the consultation results will be analysed, and if there are no significant problems raised, the crossing is hoped to be installed over the summer months.

Andrea Gada tragically died in St George’s Hospital, London, on December 17, after the accident on Friday Street the day before.

According to an inquest, she had been walking from her school, Shinewater Primary, with her father and brother Victor, to their home when she stepped into the road and was hit by a car.

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Pressure mounting over Friday Street