Super volunteer Connor shines

Connor Southgate SUS-180214-105120001
Connor Southgate SUS-180214-105120001

An Eastbourne student has found time to make a difference with his volunteering efforts.

Connor Southgate, who is studying Geography with Quantitative Methods at UCL, as part of the Lloyds Scholars programme, has supported a number of events during his volunteering, from promoting heritage sites for the National Trust to staffing a charity auction in Borough Market for Action Against Hunger.

Connor, who now lives and studies in London, said it was the community aspect of volunteering that most appealed to him.

He said: “When you first arrive in London it can seem very grey and distant, but the events I’ve worked at really help bring the local history and community to life”.

Connor has volunteered multiple times for the National Trust, supported the Auction Against Hunger in Borough Market, a local food event and charity auction raising money for malnourished children across the world, and also helped staff the Woolwich Winter Warmer, a community art installation in Greenwich.

Connor carefully chose each activity based on the philosophy of the charity and its connection to the local community.

He said: “I just feel that people need more community spirit, and volunteering definitely helps with this.”

A spokesperson for the Lloyds Scholar Programme said: “Through this volunteering, Connor himself has learned new skills beyond the academic.

“Throwing himself into a range of different situations has been a character building experience. It has allowed Connor to meet new people, develop his networking skills, and build future opportunities.

Connor said: “The best thing about volunteering is that you meet people you wouldn’t normally meet.

“It’s always a good feeling when you go in knowing no-one and come out having met a whole range of new people, who all share your interests.

“Building that connection to your local community is so important, and can really help you feel at home in a new city. Once you have that connection, you quickly realise things are so much more than their first impression.”

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