REV DAVID FAREY: Ensuring the voice of the voiceless is heard

We live in a noisy world! It's not just the excess traffic on roads or planes in the air, but all around us in words spoken on TV, radio '“ or even of printed words with advertising leaflets stuffed through our doors or on posters.

Sunday, 20th May 2018, 8:00 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:27 am
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In such a cascade of words it is often the loudest that get taken notice of. That doesn’t make them right though.

I know people who are very erudite, finding words that sound grand and with well crafted sentence structure. But they don’t necessarily have to be speaking sense. I have heard some of these well spoken people talk absolute tosh, but because they say it well they are listened to and taken note of. The so called, ‘talking the talk’!

My fear is that those who cannot string words together and communicate effectively, or those who have no voice at all are buried under the verbiage of others. Their cause is lost and no one takes any notice of them.

These are the most vulnerable in society, the very young or old, the uneducated or disabled. Unless they have powerful allies their plight will be sunk without trace under the flood of the more powerful voices speaking over them. Maybe the recent sad case of Alfie Evans is one such where the parents’ wishes were submerged under the voices of others.

I would also give babies that are aborted as another example. They have no voice and there are powerful forces which justify the process. There are all sorts of good sounding reasons given for carrying out the procedure.

One person, trying to make the voice of the voiceless heard and crying out for the rights of unborn children is Gianna Jesson, an American in her forties with cerebral palsy because her parents sought to abort her. Her bravery and passion are an example.

Whatever the situation or circumstances I would really urge for us all to open our ears, and our hearts to hear the quiet or unspoken voices. It will be a sad refrain on Judgement day to say, “We didn’t hear them!”