Rain triggers cliffs to crumble at Birling Gap

This picture taken by our photographer Peter Cripps shows a cliff fall at Birling Gap on Wednesday.

Thursday, 16th January 2020, 1:51 pm

There has been a series of cliff falls at the beauty spot due to bad weather, prompting a warning from the council and Birling Gap Coastguard.

The steps to the cliffs were closed were closed in September last year, after tonnes of chalk crumbled from the cliffs at numerous points along the Seven Sisters in the rough weather over the weekend.

A spokesman for Wealden District Council said on Thursday: “There has been a lot of rain the past month and it just makes the chalk loose and liable to fall. We continually advise people to stay away from the cliff edge.”

Cliff fall at Birling Gap. Photo by Peter Cripps

Despite several warnings about the dangers of the chalk cliffs, people continue to put their lives at risk by sitting or standing close to the edge of the 400ft cliffs.

Newlyweds were pictured at the edge posing for photographs last October.