Eastbourne burger takeaway’s late licence bid discussed

A  licensing panel has retired to consider whether to grant a late night licence to an Eastbourne gourmet burger stand. 

Wednesday, 19th May 2021, 2:32 pm
Dirty Burger Bros in Eastbourne (Photo by Jon Rigby) SUS-211105-092034001

On Tuesday (May 18), a Eastbourne Borough Council licensing panel met to consider an application for late night opening hours at Dirty Burger Bros – a takeaway at the end of Old Orchard Road.

The business had been seeking a licence to open until 2am on Friday and Saturday nights as well as a licence to serve alcohol with food until 11pm. 

During the hearing, the panel heard from business owners Matthew and Grant Howard as well as Grant’s partner Lisa Baker, who is to be the takeaway’s Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS).

Matthew Howard said: “We are building a brand and it is important to us the that way reflects to everybody else; to other businesses, to customers, to people living in the local area.

“We do care. We do care if people are talking too loud, we do care if people are congregating. We want to make a massive effort to support everyone, the residents, the police, the council. We will follow a list of everything we have got to do.

“But at the same time, we believe we have a great product and it needs to be open to as many customers as possible.”

Mr Howard said they were diligent about keeping the area around the business clean, tidying up after customers at the end of each night and had plans to hold a monthly litter pick for the wider area as well. 

Mr Howard also confirmed alcohol would only be sold with food and said the business did not expect to sell alcohol in large quantities.

He also said the takeaway had also initially sought a licence to open until 4am, but had reduced its ask following consultation with Sussex Police. 

While no objections were put forward by police, the application had seen some opposition from local residents.

These included Mary Gray a director of Stafford House, a residential building opposite the takeaway. She called on the council not to grant the hours requested or to allow over-the-counter alcohol sales.

Speaking at the hearing, Ms Gray said: “We have raised an objection to this not on the basis of a single property, it is purely about the sale of alcohol and the knock on effect it might have on us, the area, the value of properties, parking our cars and getting our children and grandchildren to sleep at night.” 

She added: “I accept you are trying very hard to do the right thing and I thank you for it because  I think it is what you should do. 

“[But] there are a considerable number of us – some of whom are customers of yours – who still do not want the longer hours or the alcohol.”

After hearing from both sides, the panel retired to consider its decision in private. It is expected to publish its decision within the next five working days.