Lost camera makes its way back to Eastbourne owner

When Eastbourne Shopmobility treasurer Mike Willis lost his camera, with treasured family photos, in Maastricht, he assumed he would never see it again.

Monday, 9th September 2019, 3:29 pm
Mike and Val SUS-190909-142225001

But on his return to the Shopmobility office at The Beacon, he discovered the camera had not only been found by someone, but they had also been able to track Mike and his wife Val down by identifying them from a photo on the camera where they were both using scooters from the Eastbourne office.

Mike and Val, both volunteers at Shopmobility for 20 years, had gone to Maastricht for a concert by world famous violinist André Rieu.

Mike said, “We realised during the trip that we had lost the camera which had lots of photos of my late sister, so it had sentimental value to us. We came home with no expectation of seeing the photos again. When I arrived in the office, our manager Fred Connell asked me if I had found my camera yet.

“Someone had found the camera in a street in Maastricht and when they looked through the photos, they saw a photo of myself and my wife on Eastbourne Shopmobility scooters on the seafront, so they contacted the office and the camera is now back with us.

“I was overwhelmed as very few people would have taken all that trouble to trace me. I sent euros for the cost of postage, of course, plus an additional amount as a thank you. The person who found the camera has bought plants and called them “Mike””

Mike said he and Val hoped in the future to organise a return trip to Maastricht when they could meet up with the person who found the camera so they could thank them in person.