Eastbourne sea swimming in winter is ‘invigorating’

Eastbourne Sea Dippers, a group of swimmers, are encouraging people to enjoy a bracing dip at Holywell this winter.

Friday, 25th October 2019, 2:35 pm

Ferga Robinson, who set up the group, said, “It’s a really invigorating thing to do.”

Since the temperature of the sea takes such a long time to drop, it is not as cold as some people might think.

Sea temperatures in Eastbourne might peak in August at around 17 degrees, but they tend to hover between 11 and 16 degrees from October to December.

The group meets every Saturday and Sunday at 10am, at the Holywell end of the promenade, just opposite beach chalet number 53.

Members can come and go as they please, with no commitment, no membership fee and no demands.

They are free to swim as much or as little as they want to.

For Ferga, the group is all about finding like-minded and curious people interested in swimming somewhere more bracing than the pool.

She said, “It’s strictly for fun. There are always lots of laughs and people are welcome to dip in and out as they wish.

“I had a few friends who wanted to swim for anti-inflammatory reasons, and we just decided to keep going.”

Sea swimming is also thought to help improve circulation, mediate the body’s metabolism, strengthen the immune system and exfoliate the skin.

For more information contact Ferga on 07957651546 The group has a WhatsApp group which receives weekly confirmation on tide times. She’s happy add anyone interested.