Why put a cinema in Eastbourne’s Gildredge Park?

From: Maurice and Annabelle WestThe Goffs, 

Thursday, 16th January 2020, 4:01 pm
Gildredge Park, Eastbourne spring flowers.February 26th 2014 E08054Q SUS-140226-155714001

Having looked on Adventure Cinema Limited’s website their usual venues are mostly stadiums, stately homes, cathedrals, castles and showgrounds etc, which makes one ask why apply for a premises licence in Gildredge Park located in a residential area which will be open to the public 6pm to 12.30am Monday to Sunday, ie every day of the week, with recorded or live music that will be played before the screenings start, up to 10pm, as well as food and drink, including alcohol being on sale until midnight, other than for the council to achieve their goal to develop it as a cinema site and then rent it to a commercial operator!

What about the residents whose properties surround Gildredge Park? How occasional is occasional?

What about the noise of live music and film noise particularly on a spring or summer evening?

Many residents are of the older generation or families with young children!

What about the parking of hundreds of cars churning up the grass in our beautiful Park?

Gildredge Park already has had issues with young people and drugs!

Objections should be emailed or sent by letter to [email protected] quoting ‘Representation against the granting of a Licence Application’ Reference 052732 under one the following headings before 29 January 29: Prevention of Crime & Disorder: Public Safety: Prevention of public nuisance: Protection of children from harm.

If objections are not received by the council the licence will just be granted but if objections are received it will go to Licensing Committee at some future date.