Where was the gong for Liz?

From: Mr G SimcoxCompton Drive

Friday, 12th January 2018, 9:51 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 12:20 am
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Regarding the farce of the recent New Year’s Honours List, once again we have a selection of people on the list who are certainly not worthy of the honours they have been awarded.

Previously we’ve had people who can run a bit, cycle a bit, drive a fast car, a tennis player who swears and curses when he is on court. Now we have a person who has been awarded a knighthood for being able to play the drums badly and not living in this country for many years.

But the one that must take the biscuit is the Member of Parliament who, when he became the deputy prime minister, disagreed with all the proposals put forward by the government just to further his own party’s interests.

His performance was so bad that at the next general election his party lost almost all its seats, including his own. How in heavens’ name can somebody who has been such a failure in his profession be rewarded with a knighthood?

Here in Eastbourne, East Sussex, we have a lady by the name of Mrs Elizabeth Walke – Liz to her friends – and believe me she has many. In recent years, Liz’s campaign to try and get the management of our local Eastbourne District General Hospital, to see sense and not divert essential services to other hospitals miles away.

Liz and her followers, which there are many, have joined forces to try and prevent the National Health Service in Eastbourne from self-destruction. Liz has worked tirelessly for many years on this campaign putting in many hours of her own time, being financially disadvantaged and with the loss of many hours of her family quality time.

In June 2017, I approached our local MP, Stephen Lloyd, who has been a supporter and campaigner for Liz and has joined in many of the demonstrations, to ask if it would be possible to set the wheels in motion to get some sort of award for Liz for all her hard work. Looking down the New Year’s Honours List, sadly I did not see Liz’s name. Most of the recipients of these awards have done good work but it is work for their own advantage.

Our Liz has tirelessly campaigned, not for herself, but for the 100,000 residents of the town of Eastbourne.

How is it that a tutu-wearing ballet dancer can be awarded a damehood when people like Liz go totally unnoticed.

I know my lovely friend, Liz, will be humbled if she reads this letter. But I don’t care. If the powers that be cannot recognise Liz with some sort of award, I will do it myself. Mrs Elizabeth Walke AOE (Angel of Eastbourne).