Tide is finally turning on climate change - in Eastbourne and elsewhere

From: Paul Humphreys Chichester Close, Portslade

Friday, 20th September 2019, 11:16 am

I am pleased that residents seem increasingly, to understand the issues and consequences of climate change.

Perhaps this is because Eastbourne Borough Council has now set a carbon neutral target of 2030.

Not long ago, people would deny there was a problem or not in their lifetime.

So, as an example, many wanted nothing that challenged the dominance of cars in the town, and politicians were wary to support anything that restricted their use, whether parked or driven.

But now you hear people say that increasing car parking charges might actually be a good thing in reducing both journeys and CO2, as long as the monies are then used to support new infrastructure for bus lanes, cycle and walking routes.

Another positive example, that you can be involved in, is World Car Free Day, in town, on Sunday September 22.

Yes I think the tide is finally turning.