Pavements in Eastbourne are worse than ever

From: MK IsaacsBroomfield Street

Friday, 6th September 2019, 10:53 am
Emma Mussell "Pothole alert!!! Eastbourne... Cavendish place/Ashford road junction....." SUS-180314-094812001

am writing to comment on the general disrepair and neglect of the Green Street area. Over the last year or so, many trees have been felled, why I know not because they appeared healthy. I thought possibly the roots were causing uneven pavements, but instead of reinstatement works to the pavements, absolutely nothing has been done with ugly stumps just left and now of course bushes are growing on the pavement. In fact the pavements are worse than ever, I’m expecting the tumbleweed to start blowing down the road any time now. In my own road (and several others) there is so much vegetation in the gutters that rainwater cannot run away, whether it would be drained by the main drain at the bottom of the street is a moot point as there is a bush growing out of it! Several months ago I reported the street sign at the junction of Broomfield Street broken in half by vandals making it illegible and useless. Action taken? A big fat zero. My report of a pothole in the middle of my street was at least responded to “not bad enough” so instead of a simple quick repair it is left to get worse, so inevitably the repair will be more expensive, to say nothing of the possible future damage of people’s cars. I really am wondering what we pay our council tax for with this neglect and a non-existent police presence. The last question is, are our local councillors walking round with their eyes shut to this disrepair and is anything ever going to be done about it?