One’s word means nothing these days - sorry Henry Allingham, you deserve better

From: Alan Cooper Bakers Farm Park, Upper Horsebridge, Hailsham

Friday, 12th April 2019, 10:58 am
Updated Friday, 12th April 2019, 11:02 am
HOR 240507 Henry Allingham, 110 year old man at Towers Convent, Upper Beeding -photo by steve cobb MAYOAK0003457849

How sad that Churchill Retirement has gone back on its word in the naming of the retirement homes in Upperton Road, then not being able to explain why.

We now live in a world where one’s word means nothing – from Parliament, MPs, councils and now businesses they all promise one thing then do something else.

It also shows in the long run how much people care about the service one gives to its country in war as did Henry in the RFC/RAF. So much was made of his service and age to the extent a competition was set up to name the homes and yet now, two later, it all meant nothing.

I have made up my mind never to vote again in elections, council and national and if there is a second Brexit vote, which if it comes off is no better than a rigged first vote.

All this nonsense about people did not know what they were voting for, they did, to leave lock, stock and barrel, it was then up to the people, the MPs who we thought knew all about how the EU was set up and how to manage leaving. Why did it not happen? From day one everyone in all parties should have got around a table and pooled ideas ,forgetting all about politics. This was too big to worry about sides and who was what.

Also I think there has been an element in Parliament who from day one wanted to remain and set out to sabotage any ideas to make the leaving possible, good, bad or indifferent. They were set to stay in the EU, if and when we do get out they should be hounded out of Parliament and never sit again.

Today for me is a day of not trusting anyone, as giving one’s word and perhaps in this case in writing has no meaning, sorry Henry you deserve better.