Oliver's piggy bank offer for library

From: Shirley MacKinnon, Coast Road

Friday, 8th December 2017, 9:37 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 10:54 am
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I am enclosing a letter about the Pevensey Bay Library closure, written by my five- year-old grandson.

Oliver overheard us talking about the possible closure of the library, which we use regularly when he visits me.

Weekly, I also take my granddaughter, aged nearly three who lives locally.

He asked what the problem was and straightaway said “Right they can have a pound from my piggy bank and I will write a letter.”

What also pleased me was his ability to see a problem and to try to find a resolution immediately.

Oliver wrote this by himself and asked for no help with the spellings, despite his age.

Whilst I know that he is bright and has always loved numbers and letters, his ability has been greatly enhanced by the use of libraries and constantly reading books.

He enjoys having the chance to see a number of books, to choose which one he wants, and now remembers in which book he has seen things.

He therefore will often have two books or more out to find the bit he wants. He is particularly into space as a subject and frequently get such children’s reference books from either this or his own local library, where he lives.

I will not be able to take him or my granddaughter to either of the main libraries near me if Pevensey Bay (or Langney) Library closes, as we could not park nearby, which would be costly and neither could I use public transport to manage one or two children and carry books. I obviously have not sent the pound coin he gave me, but put it back in his piggy bank.

Dear Pevensey libry,

One pound from my pigey bank to help the libry to stay open.

I would not like it to shut because I like to borrow books.

I like to read because I like to find out about things and reading stories.

Love from Oliver Trethewey

Aged five and a half