Shocking state of pavements in Hampden Park

From: Lucette DaviesMidhurst Road, Hampden Park

Thursday, 6th May 2021, 12:46 pm
Updated Thursday, 6th May 2021, 12:48 pm

Over recent weeks I have been canvassing in Hampden Park for the local elections on May 6.

It has been shocking to find out how many people have suffered from the poor condition of pavements.

Our pavements are in an appalling condition, they are broken, uneven and where they have been repaired it has been done badly.

Shops in Brassey Parade, Hampden Park. SUS-210902-115337001
Shops in Brassey Parade, Hampden Park. SUS-210902-115337001

This is affecting people’s health. Eastbourne has more people attending A&E after a pavement fall than anywhere else in the South-East.

I spoke to one lady who was literally thrown off her mobility scooter because of a broken pavement.

East Sussex County Council may claim a lack of funding from central Government but I don’t really see them campaigning to get that changed.

We need to start all engaging with what is happening in our local authorities and actively seek out solutions.

Because right now many people have lives utterly blighted by the lack of will to help the most vulnerable.

I started taking photos on my walk back home this morning of all the pavements where somebody could easily trip.

The percentage of Hampden Park residents who have a disability is higher than average.

So, I find it staggering that in a half-mile walk I took 31 photos of hazardous pavements.

Can we please have action soon to prioritise the repair of pavements in the area?