Disgraceful state of Eastbourne cemetery

From: James WoodgateThackeray Close, Eastbourne

Thursday, 24th June 2021, 3:57 pm

What on earth has happened to Ocklynge Cemetery?

I went on Father’s Day to go to my father’s grave only to have a job to find it.

There was grass everywhere and it was a disgrace.


What is going on?

I had a new headstone put on my parents’ grave in February 2021, and when I went to see it there was a big hole next to it.

I asked if something could be done about filling this in and was told that the groundsmen would.

That was February 2021 and to date nothing has been done.

Also going into the Eldon Road entrance, this needs looking into before someone breaks something.

Surely it doesn’t take all that long to fill a hole in?