Congratulations to Eastbourne’s new MP, but the UK needs a fairer voting system

From: Robert CaffynHolbrook Close, 

Friday, 20th December 2019, 11:03 am
Local elections have taken place EMN-190426-180124001

Congratulations to Caroline Ansell on her election. I hope she will support Mr Johnson in his aim to ‘’Let the healing begin’’. She should start with the cause of the illness.

Voters are disillusioned by the ridiculously unfair results of the first past the post voting system.

For example: the Scottish National Party with 1,242,372 votes received 48 seats while the Liberal Democrats with 3,696,423 votes, nearly three times the SNP, received only 11 seats. The Greens with 865,697 votes get one MP while Sinn Fein with 181,853 votes, less than one quarter of the Greens, get seven MPs.

If this election had been proportional to the votes cast, the Liberal Democrats would have 78 seats and the Greens 18 seats.

We should change the present voting system to that adopted by New Zealand 25 years ago, when they changed from first past the post to MMP or Mixed Member Proportional Representation.

The size of each constituency should be doubled, so Eastbourne would join with either Lewes or Hastings and each elector have two votes, the first for a constituency MP, and the second for a political party.

The party vote determines the number of MPs each Party is entitled to overall.

This system would be much fairer, every vote would count everyone would be encouraged to vote and Stephen Lloyd would probably be an MP as well as Caroline Ansell .