Climate change: we’re being duped on what really gets recycled

From: Susan Spencer, Ashington Road, Eastbourne

Thursday, 4th November 2021, 3:41 pm

Recycle, recycle, recycle. That’s what the Government tell us.

What they don’t tell us when we dutifully sort our waste believing we are contributing to the preservation of our beautiful planet is that not all of our recyclable waste is actually recycled. Only approximately two per cent is recycled. Two per cent is burned. Forty-seven per cent is put into landfill with normal household waste, and the rest is shipped to other countries like Turkey to deal with.

China was until recently the main recipient of the overflow of waste from the UK and the EU until a ban was imposed by the Chinese Government as they were tired of becoming a dumping ground. Other, smaller countries are willing to take our waste, and I would imagine the UK Government pay admirably for this service.


Yet another hidden cost to the British taxpayer.

Regardless of this, every minute of every day one truckload of waste is dumped into our oceans, destroying the delicate ecosystem.

Coupled with the toxic waste large corporations dump into the sea every year it is a recipe for disaster.

As humans we rely on two things to keep us alive. Air and water. We have reached the stage whereby if change is not forthcoming right now, we will end up with neither.

For every litre of fuel you burn in your car, 12lbs of toxic fumes are released into the atmosphere. These fumes don’t miraculously disappear. They remain in our stratosphere forever, damaging the ozone layer and exposing us to the deadly rays of the sun.

We are seeing the effects now which is already too late. It has taken millions of years for this planet to evolve. It has taken a hundred years to destroy it beyond repair.

Steven Hawking once said, “The only way the Earth can survive is to get rid of the humans.”

It doesn’t take a brilliant mind to work that one out.