Be an Eastbourne litter hero this spring

From: Robin WeldonOld Camp Road, Eastbourne

Friday, 19th March 2021, 10:00 am

As we emerge from the Covid-19 crisis it is with the question of what does the future hold at the forefront of our minds and, of course, we want a future that is not rubbish (pun intended).

There are various local heroes that you may not be aware of during lockdown.

Today raise our mugs of tea to the local litter picking hero. There is no doubt that throughout lockdown the local parks we have roamed, the riverside trails that we have cycled, and the valleys we have hiked have become essential to our general wellbeing. This is our daily treat and something that, come rain or shine (but mostly rain), we have indulged in as a nation.

As you consider the blessings these moments of outdoor freedom have brought, think again to how clean your local community was.

Have you walked along the Eastbourne seafront and seen a stray disposable facemask on the floor? Have you cycled along the Downs and dodged a discarded can of Coke? Have you gone on a dog walk by an Eastbourne golf course and reprimanded your dog for sniffing at rubbish?

It is these things that the local litter picking hero has tried to combat. There is an unseen army of litter pickers across the country that have headed out to explore, and also protect the countryside, fighting the daily battle against littering.

However, we fear that without your help they are fighting a losing battle. But all is not lost…

The Spring Equinox Litter Clear Up is here to unify the nation and encourage everyone, of all ages, to get outside on the Sunday closest to the spring Equinox, this year falling on March 21, and for 30 minutes pick up litter in your local area.

It is small community efforts like this that have a hugely positive impact on our local surroundings and environment. Utilise your daily exercise to make a difference!

Did you know that if only 10 per cent of the UK population picked litter on the same day, each person would only have 50 metres of road to clean?

Our nation could easily be spotless.

This is our dream; you can help us achieve it.

Be a local hero and pick up litter with us, on Sunday March 21.

Find out more and sign-up at: