Bad habits of others don’t change our wonderful Eastbourne

From: H R HollandCaroline Way Sovereign Harbour North, Eastbourne

Thursday, 27th May 2021, 10:28 am
Updated Thursday, 27th May 2021, 10:37 am

Regarding the letter on smokers from Louise Pepperall (Eastbourne Herald letters, May 21):

So pleased you were able to move from the flat, where a smoker lived above, particularly as the inhalation of smoke placed you in hospital every weekend. I’m presuming the resident abstained during weekdays.

Great to hear you are now meeting up outside with friends for a coffee. I absolutely agree that smokers should be considerate and refrain from smoking in a non smoking area. Now that you are legally allowed to sit inside for your meetings it may be a way of avoiding the offensive fumes. It also will alleviate the abuse from the offending, mainly older women, car fumes and other toxins in the air whilst enjoying your chats and coffee.

File: Eastbourne seafront SUS-201210-130525001

You imply that there is ‘ a lot of litter on the beach from people leaving cigarette ends’. We walk quite frequently on the beach and have only seen the very odd butt. Alas the litter source mainly comprises of takeaway packaging, dog waste etc.

You appear to be healthy enough to be mobile enough to explore the beach, visit the coffee cafe, catch a bus and go shopping. The strong aroma a smoker emits from their breath/clothes may be unpleasant but so is bad body odour, strong scents/aftershave etc. This is more of a dislike rather than a health hazard.

We moved from London and have spent the last 14 months living in Eastbourne due to lockdown. Believe me the sea air/breeze gives the most refreshing aroma. As an asthma sufferer my health has improved enormously due to the air. I am still allergic to cats, perfume, aftershave, plants, plus other indicators. For me to expect a ban on these elements would be ludicrously unrealistic. I therefore avoid them.

Our daily outings taken for exercise and fresh air has taken us to so many amazing places that are smoke free. We are able to catch up with friends whilst drinking our coffee from a flask.

Observing our surroundings we have seen the odd walker/runner carrying a black bag.

Inspired by their positivity we have now joined their effort to help with the upkeep of our super town and counteract the litter bugs.

Eastbourne Borough Council does a magnificent job, keeping our town well maintained, (gardens once more blooming), clean and as safe as their boundaries permit; caring for residents and welcoming our visitors.

The police force also works hard to make our town safe from drug abuse and crime in the town.

We can’t change the bad habits of others but can lead by example and be proud of our wonderful town.