LETTER: Jet skis need regulation

Christine Brooks' letter, published June 9, on the danger posed by jet skis matches my experiences as a regular swimmer, mainly to the east of the pier.

Saturday, 17th June 2017, 4:00 pm
Updated Monday, 19th June 2017, 12:39 pm

Some of those on jet ski fail to understand they are on a potentially lethal weapon and so fail to act with the appropriate level of care and consideration to others.

They need to be kept away from bathing beaches and allowed to no more than “just make way” if they have to come close to shore.

When different users share the same space, regulations can help avoid conflict and danger – as a swimmer I am particularly vulnerable. It appears to me that some of those on jet skis not only get their, legitimate, excitement by speeding over the water but also need to think their antics are receiving admiring glances from those on the beach and so come in too close to shore. It is this minority that causes the danger.

As are found off many seaside resorts, a simple line of buoys would act as a reminder, to all but the most antisocial, that Eastbourne is a seaside holiday resort where you can expect bathers to be in the water.

The buoys are needed both sides of the pier as, although there may be more holidaymakers to the west of the pier, the east side needs this protection as it is closer to the harbour/the source of the jet skis and, with the redevelopment of Princes Park, including the new bathing huts on the front, more bathers will be using the water.

The council is responsible for the safety of bathers and cannot wash their hands of that by taking no action.

C. Tallowin

Rattle Road