LETTER: Fond farewell to top characters

The last few days have seen the departure of two of our town's most popular figures. Fortunately in both cases the departures have been happy events for those concerned.

Friday, 21st April 2017, 10:47 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 8:20 pm

Last Thursday (April 13) saw the leaving do of PC Trevor Perks in a town centre pub. As reporter Annemarie Field, a friend of Trevor’s, has already outlined within the pages of this paper, Trevor was a much loved frontline officer, a career PC, who always put duty and service to the community above everything else.

He is also a notable wit and in addition was never shy to outline to those above him “sage advice” whenever he thought it was needed. His farewell speech at his bash was a masterstroke, comprising of a series of apologies to various people throughout his 30 years on the force. It had everyone in stitches. I am proud to call Perksy a mate and I’m sure we’ll never be strangers as he heads into retirement with a beautiful new granddaughter in tow.

The second departure was more surprising and entirely sudden. As reported in last week’s Herald, Tommy Widdrington has resigned as manager of Eastbourne Borough FC to take up a post as Head of Recruitment at Coventry City. Nobody, not even Ken McEwan, saw it coming.

Tommy’s departure has robbed us of a truly colourful character. To say that he was animated and opinionated on the touchline is like saying that Andy Murray plays tennis. He sometimes got into trouble for this but had he attempted to change, he wouldn’t have been Tommy anymore.

But nobody can blame him for stepping down, for in doing so he has set himself up for an exciting new challenge. I personally think that greater things lie ahead for Tommy Wid and I’m sure that everyone at The Sports will be watching him closely.


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