LETTER: Do away with faith schools

As a result of the recent atrocities in Manchester and London there can be no doubt that Theresa May's comment 'enough is enough' is totally justified and it is obvious that the Government will soon be taking stronger measures against the jihadist fanatics and all who believe in a completely false ideology.

Friday, 9th June 2017, 6:00 pm

Various suggestions have already been made but there is one which has not been mentioned. I see absolutely no reason whatsoever why we should have faith schools regardless of religious beliefs.

High standards of education can be achieved without them. Faith schools do not provide a rounded education in respect of getting to know your neighbours. This is vital and one reason why inter-faith activities are essential.

Each and every one of the faith schools have been known ‘to preach’ prejudicial dogma in one form or the other and in the case of some Muslim schools they have been prosecuted for advocating anti-British values and even suggesting violence.

At one time there were separate boy and girl schools until it was rightly decided that such boundaries were not beneficial. The same ultimate principle applies with faith schools.

When students leave school they must have had the opportunity of mixing together for a number of years within our multi-cultural society so that subsequently a deeper social understanding and relationship can take place. This would ease the problems that exist today between Muslim communities and all others throughout the country.

One of the major obstacles that also exists in all religions is that of intra-faith which for no good reason has divided believers of the same religion into groups. The result is that the ‘we and they’ prejudicial syndrome has come into play to a completely ludicrous extent which can become dangerous. These groups should also get together in every way possible.


South Cliff