Impromptu firework display was inconsiderate to people who carry out shift work

From: M. Monroe Compton Street

Friday, 12th July 2019, 10:29 am

Regarding the impromptu firework display on Saturday July 6 on the seafront, was it really necessary to start this at 10.30 at night and finish at 10.45?

Seriously, this was ridiculously loud, there was no gentle build up to it just one horrendously loud bang which really made me jump, sounded like a bomb going off, thought World War 3 had broken out and I’m not someone of a nervous disposition.

Before all the haters come back on this, I am not a killjoy or a misery guts, I have lived on the seafront for 14 years, all through Airbournes, tennis, theatre refurbishments and all the usual noises one gets during the summer months and yet I have never felt so incensed as I did last night.

Why couldn’t it have started an hour earlier, selfish and inconsiderate to all those people like myself that have to do shift work.