Hailsham has been left with no post office...

From: Lesley BallCollege Road, Bexhill

Friday, 4th January 2019, 8:04 am
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 2:17 pm

Along with a number of banks we now in Hailsham are devoid of a post Office.

The nearest one now is Polegate or Herstmonceux which is a 15-minute ride for this who live in Hailsham to post a parcel or if they do not have a debit card to obtain cash, other things such as driving licence, travel money, and so on the many services now offered by the Post Office.

This is a market town in which £3 million has been spent on the roads in the last year and yet does not have a post office.

When I moved to Hailsham 15 years ago the post office was based in the Co-op supermarket which is no longer but there are three major supermarkets to whom you would have thought taken on the postal service.

We are left with the hope that a post office may return one day but like all things once it’s gone, its gone for ever.

Banks and post offices are essential part of life in any city or town that is to the people who hold the strings and can make these things happen, or not. I am sure certainly for the elderly the loss of this post office will impact on their daily lives but it seems little care, thought or consideration is given.

It would appear little forward planning was put into place to make sure the post office stayed open despite the fact it has been on the cards for some while.

I am sure if it had, a suitable place would have been found to re-locate it.

Alan Cooper

Upper Horsebridge, Hailsham

He should be feeling safer

Rowland Civil (letters, December 21) shouldn’t be feeling uneasy at the sight of armed police patrolling the new shopping centre.

He should be feeling safer and protected. Did he not visit this year’s airshow? This was patrolled by several armed officers. In these days of terrorist attacks on our streets, unfortunately this is a sight we need to get used to and be thankful for the police’s presence in making us feel more secure.