Exorbitant charges

From: Graham DaleLower Drive, Maresfield Park

Friday, 6th April 2018, 10:10 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 12:33 am
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I have a leasehold property in Langney Drive which is occupied by a relative. I have decided to refuse to pay the exorbitant advance charges on the following basis.

A. There is no reason to collect money 30 years in advance as nearly all the current residents will no longer be in residence or will have died with a huge fund sitting in the pot for the benefit of another.

B. Why should the money sit in a dormant account when it is more usefully needed by the owner?

C. The leasees are contractually bound to pay for the upkeep in any event so there is no need to prepay. This system is unheard of in the leasehold world and I own other leasehold properties both residential and commercial.

D. The charge guesstimated by the freeholder are wildly overpriced. Quoting £3,250 for replacement glazing when the current cost would £1,725 by a reputable glazing company.

E. There is no formal undertaking or contract being entered into and we are expected to take this on trust which with over £20,000 being held for each property is completely unacceptable.

F. There is no safeguard the EH will not sell off the freeholds to an unscrupulous landlord with other ideas such as raiding the pot.

G. There are certain to be non payers, such as myself, who will reduce the pot and incur legal fees to the pot which will reduce its value.