Eastbourne roadworks: I would be interested to know how many of your readers have taken a tumble

From: Heather FloodBrisbane Quay

Friday, 21st June 2019, 11:26 am
Eastbourne town centre Improvement scheme (Photo by Jon Rigby) SUS-180111-110710008

Following previous letters to the Herald about the state of Eastbourne, I wonder just how many people, like me, have fallen over on uneven new or old paving, poorly laid tarmac or the drainage and extra deep kerbs just along from the Co-op in Cornfield Road?

Who is signing these roadworks off? In my view, they are not fit for purpose.

Some, like me, have ended up in hospital for treatment. I tripped and fell, damaging my hand, bruising both knees and injuring my shoulder.

I believe there was a report about a tourist who died from a heart attack following a fall, while a close friend needed stitches in his head after falling.

I have heard of other instances and would be interested to know how many of your readers have also taken a tumble.

The council has been lax in its duties to the people of Eastbourne and our tourists, some of whom have told my friends and me that they will not be returning.

The nearby Beacon Centre leaves a lot to be desired, and we are also having to put up with a lack of parking facilities which is causing shops to close in Seaside Road and surrounding areas.

Another modern town is not what we wanted, because many large towns look the same.

Our council really ought to have thought why Brighton is so popular, with its many different shops and lanes.

Our shopping areas are so bland.

I prefer the Harbour shopping centre which houses Asda and has such a good parking area.

Let’s hope the planners don’t desecrate that, although they have taken the first step by moving the cinema away.