Eastbourne is a progressive town - so well done council for banning Katie Hopkins

From: Mike HopkinsBeristede Close

Friday, 26th July 2019, 11:08 am
Katie Hopkins at Eastbourne's Afton Hotel SUS-190716-154957001

I wish to express my strong support for the council, in its decision to not allow access to council premises, enabling Katie Hopkins to speak.

Katie Hopkins is a purveyor of hate, attacking people on the basis of their faith, sexuality, weight and several other categories.

I am therefore relieved that the council did not allow our hard earned community charges to be used for Katie Hopkins and her UKIP chums to speak from a public resource.

It was an interesting coincidence that the Herald published ‘Hopkins speech goes ahead despite ban at other venue’ the weekend that Eastbourne celebrated Pride.

Again the council demonstrated positive leadership in flying the Pride flag from the Town Hall and other premises.

Let the message go out that Eastbourne is a progressive town that welcomes diversity.

It is beyond important that all people, whatever the colour, class, creed, sexuality etc, should feel welcome and safe in this town.

In contrast I would also question the Herald’s editorial decision to not only quote Hopkins, but also draw attention to the availability of her speech on YouTube.

It is not the Herald’s role, as a responsible organ of the media, to help publicise those who would bring hurt, pain distress and worse to our town and country.

And as for the matter of ‘free speech’ raised by your correspondent Michael Jeffrey in the Herald on July 19, I would remind him and others that with rights rest responsibilities.

Further, modern legislation does, and rightly, curtail our complete ‘right’ to free speech in a civil society.

So well done council for supporting and protecting the diversity which is so important to a modern and progressive town.