Eastbourne MP must clarify his position on Brexit

From: Leslie GibbonsMeads Road

Friday, 6th September 2019, 10:53 am
A British Union Jack and European Union flag fly SUS-190124-085814001

When the majority of the Eastbourne electorate voted to leave the EU, Stephen Lloyd, in one of his usual acts of self-publicity and attracting popularity immediately promised to respect this decision. This was contrary to the policy of the Lib Dems which is to remain in the EU.

As a result Stephen resigned the whip and is now formally an Independent MP, though the reality is that locally he is still viewed as a Lib Dem since he continues to operate from the Lib Dem office in Seaside Road. The background photograph to his weekly e-newsletter has his photo alongside the words Liberal Democrats. We understand his former campaign manager has stated that Stephen’s promise was a cynical move to ensure more support for his re election.

When the next election takes place the question is will Stephen attempt to weasel his way back into the Lib Dems or will he have the courage to stick to his undertaking? Perhaps he will be kind enough to make clear his intentions so we understand the position.