Call for fair and sensible parking

From: Joe and Jo WestHuggetts Lane

Friday, 13th April 2018, 9:51 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 12:33 am
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Call the newsdesk on 01323 414488 or email [email protected] SUS-180130-143238001

We have had two car parking fines the same as the lady in your article dated March 30 (‘Misleading’ Polegate car park fine upset).

We parked both our cars at the same time on February 24 as we had six of us going up to London for the day. At the same car park.

We paid at the parking meter for day passes and then about seven days later got the £60 parking fee for each car.

I appealed it via email and by phone and submitted a copy of our payment tickets.

They replied within four days via letter saying we hadn’t paid the fee for the area that we had parked in.

Upon revisiting the car park there is a sign saying you need to telephone to pay in a certain area and then there is a traditional pay station for a different area.

What a ridiculous parking scheme. It’s a small shopping centre not Gatwick airport!

It is not unreasonable to assume it is one car park. It is not clear there are two different areas with two different payment systems.

We had no choice but to pay the £120 fine otherwise they would have escalated it very quickly.

We can’t afford the costs, time or stress of taking it through small claims but if there are several people who respond to your article we would be happy to support a joint effort in getting the parking for Polegate car park adjusted so it is fair, reasonable and sensible for all to park without the risk of being taken for fines.