Jungle pup brought back from death's door by Eastbourne man needs a home

A local man who nursed a stray jungle puppy back from death's door is hoping to find a home for it back in Eastbourne.

Friday, 3rd August 2018, 12:41 pm
Updated Sunday, 2nd September 2018, 2:53 am
Taz the dog needed a great deal of medical treatment

Andy Barton came across the emaciated Belgian shephard Taz while travelling in Guatemala.

Together with his friend Joe Freeman, they fed him, removed around 70 ticks from his body and took him to a vet.

Andy said, “We were at a restaurant on the edge of the jungle and he just walked out, basically on death’s door.

Taz enjoying the sea

“It didn’t take long for us come to the conclusion we cannot walk away from this pup without doing whatever we can to save his life.

“Taz is absolutely amazing, even in his current state he is still such a happy boy. We took him under our wing.”

Andy has set up a fundraising page to help cover some of Taz’s care costs – such as blood tests, tick born disease tests, medication, vaccinations, and worming and flea treatments.

Taz with rescuer Joe Freeman

The builder, who is currently volunteering at an animal sanctuary and putting his skills towards making a ‘puppy palace’ there, said, “We got him all he treatment he needed and decided to keep him until he’s strong instead of just leaving him at the vets.

“We are raising funds to find him a home but until then he’ll stay with us travelling the world.

“We’ve raised quite a bit already and we would also love for someone in Eastbourne to adopt him if possible.

“We love him and already know it’s going to be really hard giving him up. We will be paying for everything up until he arrives on someone’s doorstep.”

Andy Barton and Becky Middhatt of Normbehind

Andy, 26, is travelling the world with his girlfriend Becky Middhat, 25, and blogging the experience on www.normbehind.com.

For Taz’s fundraiser, visit: www.gofundme.com/saving-taz-the-jungle-pup