Former Eastbourne MP calls on PM for solution for '˜under-funded' NHS

Former Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd is calling for a solution for the current NHS and social care 'crisis'.

Thursday, 12th January 2017, 2:07 pm
Updated Thursday, 12th January 2017, 2:07 pm
Stephen LLoyd is calling on the PM to solve the NHS 'crisis'

This comes after the chief of the British Red Cross recently said there is a “humanitarian crisis” at health services across the country, comments the Prime Minister has called “irresponsible”.

Mr LLoyd, who has said he will run for MP of Eastbourne and Willingdon in the next election, said, “There has been a lot – even more than usual – in the media recently over the funding crisis which is affecting our NHS: lengthening queues in A&Es across the country, folk not being able to go home because their is no care package organised for them, etc ...

“And underpinning all this is the crumbling fabric of our social care costs which have been under-funded, frankly, for 30 years.

“In the immediate term we need a serious injection from the Government of extra funds to get us through this winter before it really does get as bad as the Red Cross recently pronounced.

“Then we need all the political parties to work together to agree a sustainable funding model for both the NHS and Social Care long into the future.

“One of my colleagues when I was MP is a guy called Norman Lamb. He is a good man and a ‘serious’ politician who has been active on health issues for 20 years.

“Norman is liked and respected across the piece in Westminster, and he’s got together with some senior MPs from the other political parties to lobby Theresa May that this is such a huge issue facing all of us. The only productive way forward is to agree a major cross-party approach.”

Mr Lloyd is urging people to sign a Parliament petition calling on the Prime Minister to seek an urgent cross-party solution to the issue, available at