Eastbourne woman stars in BBC television show Veganville

An Eastbourne woman is starring in a BBC show about a group of vegans trying to convert meat eaters to a plant-based lifestyle.

Tuesday, 7th January 2020, 4:24 pm
Updated Tuesday, 7th January 2020, 5:02 pm
Rikkilee Lemon in Veganville, BBC

Rikkilee Lemon headed to the heart of south Wales with a handful of others for Veganville – a series aiming to challenge views on both sides of the debate.

The BBC Three show sees the 24-year-old travel to Merthyr Tydfil, a town surrounded by hills and farmland, and home to many who depend on animal agriculture for employment and nutrition.

Showrunners say Veganville explores what motivates people to choose a plant-based lifestyle, and those who don’t, as the group of vegans attempts to convince the tight-knit community to go meatless in three weeks.

Rikkilee has also starred on Take Me Out

“I want to show that you can be normal and still be vegan,” says Rikkilee, who has a different idea of the best way to change people’s attitudes to some of the other vegans on the show.

Rikkilee, who turned vegan three years ago, says she converted as she thought it was the best thing for her health.

She said, “It’s plants going into your body as opposed to dead animal flesh. My worst kind of vegan is going to be some kind of animal activist.

“These people with laptops, and this horrible footage. No! What are you doing? This is what gives us a bad name!”

Other vegans on the show include full-time animal rights activist Joey, Miami bodybuilder Korin, single mum Jodi, and truck driver Dan.

This is not the first time on television for Rikkilee, who featured in the popular dating show Take Me Out last year.

There the former St Bede’s and Moira House schoolgirl nabbed a date and was taken to the isle of Fernando’s.

Veganville is available on BBC iPlayer now.