Eastbourne road could be renamed

The seafront end of Eastbourne's Terminus Road could be reinstated as Victoria Place as part of plans to regenerate the area with a 'cafe society feel'.

Monday, 26th November 2018, 12:36 pm
Updated Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 5:04 pm

The section of road was known as Victoria Place when it was laid out by the Earl of Burlington – later the seventh Duke of Devonshire – as part of his early development plans for Eastbourne.

It became Terminus Road but now historians want to see its original name reinstated and the whole area enhanced.

Also included in the regeneration plan is for the Portal Planters which were at the entrance to Terminus Road at Bankers’ Corner to be placed at the seafront end.

Historians at the Eastbourne Society are behind the plans which are currently being mooted to the council.

A spokesperson at the society said, “Few would disagree the southern end of Terminus Road anbd Grand Parade is in need of some gentle regeneration.

“The society’s architectural advisor Richard Crook was among those who attended a meeting to discuss potential improvements to the area.

“After discussion with the society’s committee, Richard has passed on our support for certain proposals.

“This includes renaming this section of Terminus Road Victoria Place as it was previously called.

“This would emphasise the special character of the road in the seafront conservation area and make it easily identifiable.

“We also favour the pedestrianisation of this section of the road to enhance a cafe society feel with open areas for seating.

“On our behalf Richard has also urged the council to consider relocating the Portal Planers to Victoria Place at the seafront end to form an attractive entrance to the road.”