Eastbourne Mother's concerns over '˜death trap' school footpath

A mother is concerned about her children's safety due to the 'deadly' school footpath outside her home.

Friday, 9th December 2016, 11:42 am
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 1:56 pm
Nikki Spandley on the path with her children Skye and Aurora Weir.

Nikki Spandley, 34, of Holly Place, says the path, which leads to Oakwood School, is unacceptable and children and adults are constantly tripping and hurting themselves on it.

The mother of two said, “It’s deadly. So many kids have smashed their heads on it – it doesn’t matter whether it’s wet or dry conditions.

“I saw a two-year-old fall down and smack his head hard, and a mother damaged her ankle so much in a fall she may have to use crutches in later life.

“I think it’s disgusting that they haven’t done anything about it. I make my kids walk on the grass to avoid it.

“It’s a death trap. All it takes is one person to fall and they could get brain damage.

“If they don’t want to protect the public and children it’s a disgrace.”

She says she once helped an elderly man who slipped and fell into a bush and had to have an ambulance called.

A number of people who use the path have also raised concerns about safety issues, with one woman saying she badly damaged her back.

Miss Spandley, who has a two- and three-year-old, says she has got in touch with East Sussex Highways about the issue on numerous occasions, but nothing has been done.

On Wednesday (December 7), an East Sussex Highways spokesman said, “We’d like to thank Miss Spandley for making us aware of the issues she’s experienced with the footpath near her home.

“We work very hard to ensure the pavements in Eastbourne and across the county which we are responsible for are maintained in a safe condition. We investigate any reports we receive and carry out repair work where appropriate.

“One of our Highways stewards is due to visit the location later this week to examine the condition of the pavement and to determine what action might be required.”