Eastbourne event fundraises to help grieving daughter making something positive out of tragedy

A woman whose mother was stabbed to death is setting up a charity to support the relatives of murder victims.

Friday, 10th August 2018, 5:53 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th September 2018, 3:22 am
Hannah's Wings

Caroline Snowling’s mother Hannah was found dead on February 9 this year.

Fundraisers are out in Crawley’s County Mall today and on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week, taking donations and selling raffle tickets.

Caroline is raising money to set up Hannah’s Wings - a charity which will offer support for murder victims’ families, and help them through the financial pain that can follow.

“I understand first hand what financial difficulties can arise,” she says, “and if I can prevent even one family from experiencing the additional pressure and pain that I have, then I will feel some comfort in light of all that has transpired.

“I want the fund to offer a comforting hand of help where there is such a lack of it for a unexpected tragedy.”

Caroline was on holiday with her children when a police officer called to tell her that her mother had been found dead in her flat, and they were treating it as murder.

“When I returned,” she said, “I begged to be able to hold my mum’s hand, one last touch to confirm to me that this was actually real, but I was advised not to as the defence asked for a second post-mortem, which by law they are allowed to do within a 28 day period.

“As a result, my mum was held at the mortuary for just under four weeks.

“This period of time caused me unimaginable pain: I could not even set a date for mum’s funeral.

“I never even got to hold my mum’s hand one final time.

“My mum had to be defrosted for the second post-mortem, which caused her to start to decompose.

“I was not allowed to see or touch her after that. “I had to hug my mum’s coffin on the floor.

“That was the last time I got to spend with my mum.” Caroline and her supporters are arranging raffles and fun days for the cause - the next will be a charity evening at Newhaven Fort.

Caroline said: “I have also started a petition on the platform Charge.org I have collected over 2,500 signatures so far and already had a response from government.

“I will continue to fight to make a change in honour of mum and also to help future families members that are victims of murder.”

To raise money Caroline is holding a VIP Fort Fun event on Wednesday August 15 between 6.30pm and 9pm at Eastbourne’s Fort Fun

To purchase tickets to the event visit https://www.facebook.com/wingsofhannah/