Eastbourne residents urged to keep phones secure

Residents in Eastbourne have been encouraged by police to keep their phone and the personal details in it safe.

Monday, 5th July 2021, 11:54 am

Eastbourne Police took to social media to warn the public about thieves who are not only after phones but the valuable information held on it including birthdays, addresses and bank details.

A spokesperson from Eastbourne Police said, “Reminding yourself of some simple steps to take to safeguard your phone is never a bad thing.

“Never leave your phone unattended when outside your home. This includes in handbags, cafe tables, or elsewhere. It takes just a second for a thief to grab it and go.

Sussex Police. SUS-211002-094135001

“Keep it in a pocket or with you at all times. If you aren’t using it, don’t leave it on the table, put it away.

“Use the security features on your phone. PIN codes to unlock it, fingerprint scanning, facial recognition, these are all options to use.

“These are never 100 per cent secure, but act as a good barrier to protect that data and information kept on your phone.”

The public are also encouraged to download a phone tracking app as it can be a good line of enquiry for police if your phone is stolen.

The spokesperson added, “Finally keep a note of your phones ‘IMEI number’ somewhere other than on your phone.

“This is a 15 digit unique number which can be obtained by keying in *#06#. You will need this number if your phone is lost or stolen.

“Modern phones are precious, not only for the data we keep on them but photos and other memories recorded on there.

“Be vigilant, and make it difficult for people to steal your possessions.”