Katie Hopkins speech goes ahead in Eastbourne despite ban at other venue

Katie Hopkins gave a speech at a UKIP gala dinner in Eastbourne on Friday evening – despite being banned from the council’s new conference centre.

Wednesday, 17th July 2019, 4:54 pm
Katie Hopkins at Eastbourne's Afton Hotel SUS-190716-154957001

The outspoken broadcaster was told she was not welcome to speak at the UKIP south east region conference – the first event to be held at the council’s multi-million pound Welcome Building next to the Congress.

A gala dinner due to be held at the Lansdowne Hotel was also cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances leaving UKIP having to find another venue for Ms Hopkins to make her speech.

A speech by the outspoken commentator and broadcaster was uploaded on to YouTube this week and it appears Eastbourne’s Afton Hotel in Cavendish Place took a booking at the eleventh hour for the dinner to go ahead.

There was no publicity for the event and no protestors turned up at the hotel.

During her speech, Ms Hopkins, accompanied to Eastbourne by her husband Mark, criticised Eastbourne council for what she described as their “cowardly behaviour”.

And in an interview with the Herald the previous week, she said, “I am undeterred. The more the left try to silence us, the louder we become.

“We will prevail and I will be heard. When we leave the EU - as we surely will - it will be thanks to the stoicism and tenacity of the UKIP faithful.

“The small-minded councillors of Eastbourne are truly insignificant by comparison.”

Eastbourne council said the decision to ask UKIP not to have Ms Hopkins as a speaker at the Welcome Building was made to avoid risks to people and property as a result of any action designed to disrupt the event.

On Ms Hopkins’ Twitter account, she posted a photo of her with former UKIP MEP and party founder and ex-leader Gerard Batten, who was also a dinner guest.