One man's Airstream dream

An Eastbourne man reveals to Charlotte Harding his big plan for Airstream trailers.

Sunday, 19th March 2017, 4:47 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:38 am
Ed's first airstream project

Looking for a project Ed Edgerton decided to buy an Airstream trailer and put his own mark on it.

“I have always loved things vintage and I have renovated houses in the past so I thought I would get an Airstream and do it up,” he explains.

“My initial thought was ‘oh it can be that different from renovating a house’...I couldn’t have been more wrong, it is completely different.

Ed's first Airstream project

“You make one wrong move and you can ruin the whole thing when to comes to an Airstream.”

Ed admits he was heavily involved with doing the trailer up but he left the technical side to the people in know.

“The Airstreams are very over engineered,” explains Ed.

“So you have to be very careful with what you do with it.”

Ed's first Airstream project

Ed’s Airstream project is a 22 foot 1954 model, which he bought from Canada.

“It is actually more cost effective to buy it from North America and get it imported to the UK,” he says.

“There are loads of specialist Airstream classifieds directories so I just trawled the Internet to find one I liked the look of.”

In total it took between three or four months for Ed to get it to the UK, something he says could have been done quicker but he was being ‘over cautious’.

“As it was my first one I went over to Canada to see it which I didn’t need to do,” he adds.

“I’m glad I did though even if it did delay things. The people who owned it were Airstream experts so they gave me loads of useful advice of how to work with it as it can be tricky as the aluminium can be unforgiving.”

For the interior Ed took out the old and replaced the decor with an English country style with pastel colours.

“I think with the next one I want to go quite vintage and retro,” he reveals.

“When we started work on this one I was taking stuff out and there were a lot of vintage parts like the cookers and other interior items that I have kept and would like to see incorporated into another Airstream.”

As his first experience of renovating a trailer Ed already has his sights on what he wants next.

“I want to see if the model works of doing it up and selling it but I know what I want the next one to look like,” he says.

And with him putting his own stamp on this one you have to wondering if he is not tempted to keep it for himself?

“I am very attached to it but I am aware I can’t keep it,” he smiles.

“I am excited about where I can go with this and what I can do next.”

In the future Ed adds that he will not only do Airstreams up from scratch but would love to work with people who already have their own trailers but want someone else to do it up for them.

For anyone wanting to escape the rat race with the freedom to go pretty much where ever they want Ed is your man with an Airstream plan.

Anyone interested in the Airstream should contact Ed via email on [email protected]