Gym offering free passes as part of This Girl Can Week

Boss Gym in Eastbourne is hoping to inspire women to get active by offering free day passes to local residents.

Monday, 14th June 2021, 11:14 am

This Girl Can Week takes place until June 19.

Boss Gym is offering free day passes and taster classes. The week also sees the launch of the Boss’s Gym own female led campaign to inspire more women in the local area to join gyms and fight clubs to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

It recognises that many gyms can be daunting and want to break down stereotypes and show how welcoming and supportive gyms can be.

Suzie Volkes, Boss Gym, said: “I know from personal experience, how intimidating starting your health and fitness journey can be, and that can really hinder or stop women completely from making those healthy changes.

"Boss Gym was created specifically as a place where everyone would feel welcome and supported in health and fitness plans, and for us this is all about how we can play our part in supporting women in area to get started and build that confidence.”

Research by Sport England found that women have struggled to maintain their activity habits during the coronavirus pandemic.

Data showed that women are less likely to return to activity than men, with the most prevalent barriers including not feeling fit enough, childcare responsibilities and worries about COVID-19.

Boss Gym offering free day passes

This Girl Can campaign launched its first ‘This Girl Can Week’ on June 12, it is dedicated to encouraging all women to take out to get active.

The message is ‘it’s time to choose you’ and is putting the spotlight on women and exercise, celebrating how getting active can make women feel happier, stronger, and free. Whether they choose to do a brisk walk, a slow run, a trip to the pool or dance round the living room with friends – it all counts.

Kate Dale, This Girl Can Campaign Lead, said: “The work we do through This Girl Can aims to frame exercise in a way that highlights each and every benefit we can all get from moving more, like feeling healthier, better mental and emotional health, flexibility, building strength and – most importantly – having fun.

"Through our first-ever This Girl Can Week, we want to help inspire and encourage women to become more active while showcasing the many fantastic ways they can do so. No matter your shape, size or ability, now is the time to choose you and celebrate moving your body in whatever way makes you feel good.”

Nix Florides uses exercise and healthy eating to manage a hormone imbalance, which she discovered she had five years ago.

She said: "Instead of taking the doctors advice to go on thyroxine pills for the rest of my life, I decided to start my fitness journey at the gym. Eating a more regular balanced diet, I train twice a week with my personal trainer Matt with weights, Muay Thai once a week with Dinko my instructor and once a week with my boxing coach Paul. I also do another session on HIIT and circuits. Five days a week in total, keeping me happy and balanced and happy.

"I have managed my hormone imbalance with good natural foods and regular exercise and training has saved me from going on long term medication. Sometimes all you need to do is walk into a gym and find what suits you.

"Down at Boss Gym, the options are endless, from weights and equipment to boxing, an MMA area and a studio where I can set up my circuits and stretch, I never want to go home!

"This Girl Can Week is so important as any women who might be worries or anxious about going to the gym, just needs to know it is the BEST thing I ever did and my blood tests prove that.”